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Everything Sparkling!

Did you know? The longest recorded flight of a Champagne cork is over 177 feet (54 meters). There are 1 million bubbles in the average glass of champagne. Bubble size in champagne and sparkling can vary from between 0.4mm and 4mm. Bubbles of 1.7mm across result in the highest number of droplets evaporating at the surface of the drink, enhancing the drinker's’ experience of flavour. 39°F (4°C) is the optimum temperature t more

Winter Wedding Special Offer

Nothing beats the romance of winter! Snuggling in front of warm fires. Watching the mist roll across the landscape. Being wrapped up in fluffy jumpers and woollen blankets. Eating your favourite comfort foods. When it comes to dressing for a winter wedding, the ladies can look fabulous (and still be incredibly comfortable) in fur jackets and knee-high boots. Men can wear their suit and tie without overheating! Think cashmere, wool, more

May Day May Day!

The month of May is here and there’s much to do and see in the Adelaide Hills. At Anderson Hill, the leaves on our vines have turned yellow, orange and red and Brad is adding some delicious winter meals to the menu. It’s a wonderful time of year to visit our cellar door restaurant for a quick drink or a lazy afternoon. We also celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day on Friday 4 May (the first Friday in May) and International more