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How time flies

Whoa!! Time flies when your having fun (or been busy!)Cellar door has been very, very busy this season. We have had new release wines including a new shiraz, rose and chardonnay and the CRUSH festival in January, which was exciting and very entertaining. A few weddings, which have all been great fun and very memorable, with a few more to come. We've had the most unpredictable and damaging weather I've ever seen in the Adelaide Hills and I've lived in the hills all my 40 (something) years. We lost a few trees, one into the irrigation tank which was quite a clean up! Lost our power for several days (a few times!)Ben has plans to go to China in March...very exciting. Clare has had new baby chickens!! James has acquired work experience at a winery...has decided he wants to be a wine maker! And Matthew is about to do his application to Urrbrae Agricultural High School (fingers crossed!) So all in all our little family is doing well and keeping busy. Hope to see you at the cellar door soon!